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  • What was the name of the first broadcast radio signal?
  • The first Radio signal came out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The broadcast was called KDKA. The first signal went on air in 1920 and immediately created a radio access the nation. He was the first broadcast was put on by Henry P. Davis, the vice president of Westing House Electric. It was unknown the amount of time the broadcast lasted. KDKA still broadcasts in Pittsburgh today and is owned by CBS sports where sports and news are mainly broadcasted. This created a high population for radio because people could now easily tune in ad listen to news and hear about sports.

  • Explain the importance of radio in propaganda.
  • The importance of radio is propaganda. The radio had many affects on listeners. It could inform people about news, and allow people to communicate. Radio had other great features. One could simply listen to music or listen to sport games, or even listen to news coming from around the world. Radio propaganda could also be used during war. During World War II, Japan sent out radio signals to American troops. This was used to intimidate and scare the U.S. This was an easy was for the countries to communicate. Radio propaganda could be used to make opinions or theories about people. It often persuaded people to believe things. This often came in the form of commercials.

  • Explain the importance of movies in propaganda.
  • Propaganda was often used to support an idea or theory. For example, when the U.S. started fighting in World War II, many movies were made to promote positive thoughts about the war. This also made people think that war was ok, which resulted in people promoting war, this created overall strong opinions of war being good. Not only did they promote it, but they also made the enemies look bad. Movies often resulted in every country looking bad and cowardly. This overall, made a positive feeling about the U.S. fighting a war.

  • What was the significance of the movie, Birth of a Nation?
  • THE MOVIE shows that when there is controversy of race and beliefs. The film was made in 1915, around the Civil War Era. Everything is fine until the revolution goes on. This is like Europe when everything had just been settled down. However when revolutions and uprising took place, the nations began to find problems with each other. This also showed negative propaganda of war, loss of rights, and dominance of a leader power negatively.

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