Welcome to Mr. Mouat's "A Trip Through History" project 2011. This is a Jerome HS Modern World History Department wide project....FINAL PRODUCT IS DUE AT THE END OF YOUR CLASS PERIOD FRIDAY MAY 13TH, 2011!

All the information you need has been given to you in class on Thurs 4/28/11 and Friday 4/29/11 regarding your assigned topic, which includes the following: calendar deadlines, daily progress checks, summary research paper, wikispace page development, works cited page, along with various rubrics covering group and individual responsibilities, wiki page developement, research paper, MLA research paper template, works cited examples (NO WIKIPEDIA FOR ANY CONTENT OF ANY FASHION) , an outline guide to follow before drafting your paper, and examples of how to use internal citations. You will need to bring your textbook and all information related to this project with you from now until the end of the year!

A link to Progress Book is available to keep track of all your assignment due dates.

The groups for this project will be a combination of assigned by me and chosen by you and will require clear communication and dedicated cooperation in order to achieve success on this project. You will need to do a major portion of your work outside of class (individually and in your group) and then bring that work to class ready to share and discuss with your group. The wiki page development is a process that will be trial and error (depending on your technical expertise), so you will need to "play around with your wikipage" and see how it works (just as you have probably done with social media sites or video games) and something that will need to be done outside of class in order to meet assigned in class deadlines.

PLEASE NOTE...As projects progress responsibilities often change and each group member will need to adapt to those changes if the ultimate goal of a successful project is to be achieved. That being said DO NOT WAIT until the last minute to address concerns you may have over work that is being done or not being done by those in your group. A great way for each group member to approach group work is the "trust and verify" idea: I trust that you are doing your work and I will verify that trust by reviewing your work. If anyone in the group feels that anyone else is not pulling their weight it is your responsibility to bring it to the groups attention ASAP! Do not wait until the last I minute to bring up your concerns, take responsibility for your group and address concerns when they arise. Due to the requirements of this project and the specific time we have set aside to do it, it is important that you stay on task at all times. If it appears to me that you are off task (even for a moment) you will lose your participation points for that day. You will not always know when I am watching what you are working on so even a quick check of an email that is not related to the project can cause you to lose daily points. I am not looking to take points away, but if (by your choices) you put me in that position I will take away your daily points. If you or any of your group members are absent during this project contact needs to be made ASAP between all group members in order to keep the project up and running....responsibilities may shift due to absences so be prepared to make adjustments!

Good luck with the project...I am excited to see what you will produce and hope you enjoy the Jerome Modern World History Department wide "A Trip Through History" project 2011!!